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Enough and more…

52 Weeks of Gratitude
week 9


I have enough of everything I need and more.
But once again, I have been beset with the wants.
I want this and I want that.
Whatever I have is not what I want or I want more.
It’s old, or I’m tired of it. I want something new and different.
Doesn’t have to be all that different.  I just want to buy something new.

When this happens I really have to sit myself down and have a serious talk.
Who says I should have everything I want?
If I had it all would I be happier?
I doubt I’d be happier or even as happy as I am.
Having everything could be having too much.
I really don’t need all I have.
I’m very glad I have it, but I don’t need it all.

I am grateful that I have enough of everything I need.
I am blessed to have more than enough.

This week’s prompt for 52 Weeks of Gratitude was
How did you do and feel?
referring back to lasts weeks prompt,
Express Gratitude to 3 People.

I have chosen to write this post instead because
my wanting more and more for myself, the greediness of it,
and the ingratitude for what I do have has been heavy on my heart.
Selfishness is bad.  Thankfulness is good.

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