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Q = quiet…


Have you known people who are so wound up,
busy and noisy that you just want to shout

I have known people like that and know some now.
They drive me crazy.
They always have to be doing something, always have
someone with them and they are always talking.
I want to tell them to stop, be still, shut up
and hear what can be heard only in
the silence of solitude.

I feel  a bit sorry for them.
How can you know yourself if you can’t be alone
and  Q2016uiet enough to listen to your heartbeat?
If you don’t know yourself  how can you know someone else?
If you haven’t heard your own heartbeat how can you
know the beat of others?


I try to understand people who don’t like Q2016uiet
but I really don’t get them.
Of course, they don’t get me either.

That’s my post for the letter

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V is for voices…

v4pThere was a little girl who

lived in a house where no one lost their temper.
Tempers were bad and not allowed.

Sometimes the little girl lost her temper.
It was always a bad thing to do and always meant punishment,
and that sometimes made her lose her temper again.

Anger or disagreements in her house meant silence.

Sometimes the silence lasted a long time.

When it went on and on the silence was heavy and horrible.
She just wanted to hear a voice again,
even one raised in anger would be okay.


All the little girl would want was to hear a voice
because sometimes the silence was so loud it hurt.

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