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S = sleep…


Have you noticed S2016.jpgleep is sweeter after the alarm goes off?

I have.
I never have a problem going back to S2016leep
after the alarm rudely awakens me.
And S2016leep is so sweet then.
I wonder why that is?

I have to get up as soon as I turn off the alarm.
Well, I do hit the snooze alarm button but
when that is turned off I must get up right away.
If I don’t I will S2016leep another hour.

Sometimes I set the alarm when I really don’t have to
just so I can turn it off and go back to S2016leep.
Maybe you think that is weird
but you should try it.
It’s like a visit to Heaven.

sweetsleepTeddy thinks it’s sweet S2016leep, too.
He likes to snuggle early in the morning
so he likes it when I don’t get up right away.

That’s my post for the letter

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Today I am celebrating
(1) that I finally got together with a friend for lunch. We haven’t seen each other for almost a year.  Nobody should be so busy that they don’t see a friend for months who lives in the same city.  Anyway, we had lunch and then came back to my apartment and talked for three hours.  It was great!
(2) work is really busy. Buyers are back from Las Vegas Market and there are lots of orders to enter into the computer.  It’s work but fun to see pictures of what will be coming in the next few months.
(3) and maybe the best. It is Friday and I don’t have to set my alarm clock tonight.  I can sleep until noon tomorrow if I want. Fridays are great because they lead to Saturdays!
I am a lazy ditz.

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Thursday, not a holiday kinda peep…

images (66)I am not much of a Holiday kinda person.

images (67)

I am not a total Grinch.

images (70)

 But for the most part if I went to sleep Thanksgiving night and woke up New Years day that would be okay with me.

 Well, maybe I would like to have a couple of days to wander around the stores to look at the pretties.

images (71)

Oh, and I do like making little gifts to give in appreciation of friendship and love.

images (72)

Today, I think I have mixed feelings about the holidays.

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Tuesday, tirade…


Well here I am again.  Mama is in some kind a snit. I relly don’t unnerstand people.  They get all flusterated and ferget the important stuff. Like the cat in their life.

Mama needs to chill or take a nap or sumpthin.  She is getting my whiskers in a tangle.  Not payin nuff tention to me like she should.

I remember when we dint have a puter.  Those were the days.  Sittin in the rocker wif a book or a movie.  No up an down an wigglin round type tappin, just a nice quiet lap to sleep on.

I think I need to go into my act an get her tention.  A good yeowlie meowie is called fer.  My mama gets all worried when I do that and gives me lots a scratches and rubs. An we sits in the chair all comfy cozy like–sometimes we fall asleep. This dumb puter thing is getting in the way a that.

I’m not pointin and claws or anything but this puter stuff is a pain in the tail.  Makes me wanna spit and hiss.

Ok I’ll get off my tall tiger now.  Just hadda get this off my fur.