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Thursday, thankful to see time…

A while back I got a new alarm clock.  It isn’t anything special, got it at the drugstore for around $10.00.  It has an AM/FM radio and a timer that you can set to play for an hour then it shuts the radio off.

dollysleepLove that feature.  Rarely hear the whole hour of music. Always NPR, great late night music with a minimum of talk.

Of course, it also has a snooze alarm thing.  I have a love/hate relationship with that feature.  Love that I can hit the snooze bar and sleep another 10 minutes but hate that I do that.  Maybe if I didn’t hit the snooze bar so often I wouldn’t be getting up later than I plan.

But the best thing about this clock is that it has super big red numbers.  I can see what the time is without my glasses!


Today, I am thankful for the little things like music to go to sleep by and snooze alarms. And, I am thankful that I can see the super big red numbers and know what time it is and  how late I am; without even putting on my glasses!

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