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Tuesday, Dolly dilemma…

Mama has a pointment this morning.  I don’t know wat that is but she left erly so I thot I wood chat a bit and tell you bout a problem I am having.

We, Mama and me, are having some struggels bout food.  I have a very sensistive tummy and a very diserning palette.  She thinks she can fool me into eating cheap tuna.  Wats wif that?!

I like Bumble Bee solid white albacore tuna.  How bees got into the fish buzness  I don’t know but they do a good job wif tuna.  Mama thinks if she mixes the Pigs tuna wif the Bees I wont no and I will eat it all up.  But reelly pigs just don’t do tuna like the bees do.   And mixing them spoils the the gormay sperience for me.

Well, I am going to hafto teach her–again!– that like trying to fool me wif sardines in the mackeral dish, messing wif the tuna wont work.

Leest she learned fast bout those oyster and clam things.  Eeew!  I barfed em right up!


You wood think after 18 years of living together Mama wood no whos the boss round here.  I been spoiled and shes the one that did it so she shood just skip the triks and do the right thing.

Hey, I think my sunbeem is in the living room–time for a nap!

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Thursday, hot stuff…


Image by Amir Nejad via Flickr

It has been hot.  I mean HOT!  And it’s only the first of June.  Makes one wonder what summer is going to be like.  I think I ask this every year about this time.  You would think that after living in the South for as long as I have I wouldn’t be surprised by the heat.

At work the air conditioning has not been working.  Well, it is sort of chugging along but not cooling enough to be comfortable.  Yesterday the repairmen were there to fix it.  As we were complaining commenting about the heat and how being too warm made it really unpleasant to work, the repair guys were climbing around on the roof.

I think we, of the spoiled sort, don’t know what hot and uncomfortable can be.  And for that I am thankful.