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Hi, my Peoples.
Mama is taking part in the
A to Z Challenge
and she said I could tell you about today’s letter.
D4PMama went for a walk and took a picture of what she saw.
dogwood2The streets are lined with Dogwood trees showing off.
They have pretty delicate white flowers
Sometimes they are pink but most of the ones she saw today were white.
dogwoodMama says Dogwoods are a sure sign winter is gone and spring is here.

See you in a couple of weeks it’s Jacks turn to write next week.

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Saturday, oh what a difference…

Thursday was like a Spring day.


This is what the scenery looked like.  I think these are Tulip Trees but I am not sure.  The flowers on them look like tulips anyway.  It was such a happy surprise to happen upon them.

Now, today…Saturday.  It is in the 30’s, wind, rain, sleet and dark grey skies.  Not so spring-like.   

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Oh, what a difference a day or two can make

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Friday, a spring shower of petals…

Bradford Pear/ Callery Pear

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When I was taking a walk yesterday I noticed that the Bradford Pear trees are in bloom.  They bloom at this time every year and every year I am surprised when I see the pretty little white blossoms.

I walked down the same street the day before yesterday and didn’t notice any flowers on the trees.  Yet, the very next day the trees looked like they were covered in white lace.  Every year I am amazed that one day the branches have little buds and the next day, flowers.

The little flowers are rather delicate and when the wind is strong they blow off the branches.  Yesterday afternoon it was really windy and the flowers were being swept off the trees and were floating all around.  It was like walking in a snow shower of petals.

The world may not be such a beautiful place but I think the earth is breathtakingly beautiful.