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Tuesday, temps and tremors…

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It is not unusual to be hot and humid here where I live. Lately the temperatures and humidity have been in the high 90’s. We expect to be uncomfortable when out and about and depend on air conditioning to keep us cool. We also know that with this weather, there are rain storms, bad storms that cause damage, often with flooding and loss of electricity. Sometimes there is damage in the building where I live, but rarely anything major.

We also have earthquake tremors. Usually, the quake is so slight we don’t even know there has been any activity. But, last week two earthquakes midweek were felt and heard. The first one in the morning, I didn’t notice, but some folks in the building did. The second was in the afternoon, and I did feel the tremor and heard the rumble. Thankfully, there was no damage reported.

The storms bother me and the cats more than the tremors.
Is that weird?

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Friday, scary storm…


There is always a lot to celebrate every week but this week even more.  On Wednesday evening…rush hour time…there was a terrible storm here.  It didn’t last long, about 30 minutes or so, but it will be a while before things are back to normal for a lot of folks.  The thunder was so bad Teddy, who usually sleeps through a storm, was in a Teddy-tizzy.  And when the lightning started he began pacing and growling…yes, cats growl sometimes.

 I saw one lightening bolt come straight down and split a tree then it was uprooted by the wind and landed on an office building destroying the porch and part of the front offices.  Another tree that was uprooted landed on two cars and flattened them…I mean flat!  After the storm one of the owners kept walking around pushing at branches and saying , “this isn’t good” over and over.  Two trees were uprooted in the side yard of the building I live in…but no damage to anything.

In this neighborhood many houses have trees not only in the yard they have trees inside them.  We were without power maybe a couple of hours but it was still light out so it wasn’t too bad.  Except my supper was in the oven and I was getting pretty hungry.  Of course, many don’t have their cable service back yet…that always seems to take a while to get back to working order.  Wonder why that is?  AT&T phone service and internet came back on as soon as the power did.  Very glad I have AT&T.

All these words just to get to what I am celebrating this week.


There was a terrible storm with lots of damage done but no one was hurt.

Today, I think we have much to celebrate.

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