good boy…

mama is getting ready for bed, a concept i don’t understand but something she does every night.  since she left the puter on i thought it would be a good time for me to say meow to my peoples.  and i have a picture for you  it’s from christmas time.


see me up there?

i was up there for a long time before mama saw me. i sat up there so still like i was one of the wood cats. she was surprised when she saw me and she laughed. i am a good boy when i get up on the armoire so mama lets me sit up there. i did pull off the flowers of the christmas cactus and that was not a good boy thing to do.  how was i to know they are just for show not to play with?

you know what the best part of being on the armoire is?  jack is afraid to jump up here.  he hates when i look down at him.  he meows so pitifully.  it’s really fun.


cats · Thursday's Special

Thursday’s Special, watching the swarm…

Today, Lost In Translation Thursday’s Special prompt is


Here is a picture of the boys watching a swarm of pigeons.


Well, maybe it wasn’t a swarm.
But there were more than two.

Jack and Teddy do like to watch the birds.
Although, they are a bit intimidated when a hawk
perches on the balcony railing.
Even the small red-tail hawks are bigger than they are.

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