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My view January 2017


Looking at the sunset
I can see a snippet
Of this beautiful night vista
Only just a tiny smidgen
Of creation am I given

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less                                                            
using the word smidgen                                                 The Cardinals Challenge                      

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August on my block…

August in this part of the country has been HOT!
It started out just hot and dry.
This is what I saw on one of my walks.
I don’t know the official name of this plant,
we just call it palmetto grass.
Somehow it manages to look cool in the heat.

August didn’t stay just hot and humid.
It got HOT and HUMID.
Then the rains came making it
HOT and HUMID and WET.
This is what I saw on a walk last week.


Yep, mushrooms on lawns and under shrubs.
The weather peeps say it is going to cool down to the 90’s this week,
still humid but no rain expected until the weekend.
I am so ready for some cooler drier weather.
I mean COOL as in CHILLY
none of this cool 90’s stuff.

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