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D is for dreams…

colorful-1313027_640is for dreams


If all you think about is the here and now you are not fully alive.
There is more to life than what you experience with your five senses.
There is the part of life that has yet to happen.

It is important to remember the past and to live in the present.
Yet there is more, there is the future.
It is important that you look forward…beyond yesterday and today.

You need dreams to energize and excite you, or you will wither away.
You must have dreams to inspire you to a bigger and better life.
Don’t let pessimists and cynics discourage you.

You won’t always have fun or be successful.
There will be disappointment and failure.
You must work hard to make your dreams come true.

The world awaits your imagination, inventiveness, and enthusiasm.
Without your dreams, you will suffer, the world will suffer.
You must dream!

Be someone who has dreams.



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C is for curious…

colorful-1313027_640is for curious 


It’s a big world out there.
Lots to learn and experience.
Lots of places to go and people to meet.

Expand your horizons.
Look at people, places, and things from a different perspective.
Ask questions about what you see and hear then look for the answers.

Some people may think you are odd for being curious.
Don’t worry about them they are probably boring people.
People who have no curiosity have small lives.

Curiosity is having an interest in the world.
Those who are curious are important to the world.
If it wasn’t for the curious we would be living in a dark ugly world.

Be someone who is curious about their world.

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B is for bold, brave, beautiful…

colorful-1313027_640is for boldbrave, and beautiful


There will always be people who will tell you what to be and who to be like.
Listen politely to their advice then decide for yourself what and who you will be.
You will make mistakes but you will also do things right.

Just because there are fences doesn’t mean you have to stay behind them.
Be courageous and adventurous.
It’s your journey, listen to your heart and travel your path.

You are who you are.
Make no excuses for this fact.
Celebrate being you.

Be someone who is bold and brave living your own beautiful life.

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A is for appreciate…

colorful-1313027_640 is for  appreciate


Doesn’t matter what someone looks like or how they are dressed.
Rich or poor, educated or not, healthy or unwell…the list is endless.
Everyone has worth and something of value to share.

It’s a big scary dark world when you feel alone and insignificant.
No one is invisible though many are unseen.
People are meant to be acknowledged and respected.

Be aware of the people around you.
Take time to look at them.
Really see them.

Be someone who appreciates the people who share your world.



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Yesterday and today…

Tuesday Chatter Cafe


Yesterday and today were pleasant days of errands.  Some errand days are not especially pleasant but this week they were.  I didn’t do anything different just the usual weekly stuff. Went to the drug store and grocery. bank and the library.

I did get my flu shot at the drug store which is not a weekly thing. Besides being protected from getting sick the shot was free and I got a $5.00 coupon to use. Getting something for free and a coupon too, what’s not to like?  Nothing special at the grocery except the line for my, and apparently everyone else’s favorite cashier, was short so I was in and out in no time.

The bank was interesting. It is a small neighborhood branch that now looks like a major hub of banking commerce because they have installed cages. That’s what they look like, big clear glass-like cages keeping the tellers safe from the baddies, I guess.  It is sad that it seems necessary to need such things. It feels less safe. Like at any moment something awful will happen and my nice quiet bank will be on the national news.


The library was as always a good place to be. My neighborhood branch is closed for renovations so I now go to the Main Library downtown. Less convenient. Too far to walk so I take the bus which is okay. While I was on the bus I was watching people get on and off and listening to some conversations. I find my fellow riders interesting and often a bit strange. Today on my ride to and from the library I wondered what the others on the bus think of me. I would sort of like to take a survey. Maybe it is better if I don’t.


The last couple of days were quite ordinary but I did notice that almost everyone had a smile and a hello for me.  Are folks getting nicer or am I more aware of those around me? I wonder if this is part of getting old(er)? What do you think?

Well, that’s it for this Tuesday Chat at the Cafe.
Hope your couple of days have been as good as mine.

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