30 Days of Thankful · NaBloPoMo · silliness · Tuesday · Two Shoes Tuesday

Tuesday, thunderbox…

Do you know what a thunderbox is?


Have you figured out what it is?

When you do you will



a stool enclosing a chamberpot


a rudimentary outside toilet


Now tell me that didn’t make you smile.

Some other names used are:

a necessarium
the throne room
the long drop

In our house it is the potty.
What do you call it?

This reminds me…when I was young and dating I dated a guy that I thought… maybe…¬†was married.
He said quite passionately, profusely, and convincingly he was not married.
Then one evening we were leaving my apartment to go to dinner and he asked me if I had to go potty before we left.
I asked him how many kids he had and did his wife know where he was.
He left, without me, and never came back.
I am thankful for his use of euphemisms.

Today, I think this will do for Two Shoes Tuesday prompts, fast or smile,
and it tells you something about me,too.