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Thursday, thoughts…

It’s weird
being the same age
as old people.
(I don’t know who said this but I agree.)

I have been officially old for some time
But I don’t think of myself as old
I think I am in my prime
But now behold
Another birthday bell did chime
How many times won’t be told!

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Thursday thoughts…

I try to maintain a healthy dose of daydreaming, to remain sane.
Florence Welch

I can’t imagine life without daydreaming. I guess there are people who think it’s just a way to waste time, but I don’t think it is time wasted. It is an important activity to keep one levelheaded and happy.

I daydream quite often. Usually a few times a day. Sometimes it leads to doing something constructive. Sometimes it solves a problem that seemed impossible to work out. Sometimes it gives me something to ponder and wonder about. Daydreaming always relieves stress and relaxes me. It never disappoints!

I don’t often give advice, but here is some…daydream today! Don’t worry, anything important on your to-do list will get done. A good daydream will make your day better then it would be without that time out to just be alone with yourself. Oh, and as far as I know there are no bad daydreams. Those would be a nightmare while you are awake (a daymare?) and I have never had one of those, and like I said I daydream quite often. So, go for it!

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In Other Words, hasten…

In Other Words

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word hasten
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Here is my poem using the word hasten:


To hasten this day
With worries of tomorrow
Robs today of joy
Time is fleeting and precious
Live here and now with delight



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Hope you understand…

Stopping in at the BrewNSpew Cafe for a chat.

The picture below is a container on my balcony.
So far I haven’t seen any hummingbirds.
Last year they visited every day.
I am hopeful that they will soon show up for a drink.


I haven’t been around to visit y’all much the last week or so. I have been taking a bit of a break from the computer. Now that I am retired I have not been very disciplined in the area of time management. When I am on the computer I totally lose track of time.

There are things that need to be done that just don’t get done. There are things I want to do that I don’t seem to have time for. All because I get on the computer and get lost in cyberspace. This is not a good thing. There is more to life than computers.

I will keep writing because I like writing and it keeps me grounded. I will also visit you but may not comment other than to hit the like button. Once I get control of my computer habit I will comment if only to say hello. Until then I am setting a timer and when it dings I log out.

Hopefully, you understand,
I am not ignoring you.

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Quotes and Questions #13

Q&Q“Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times,
It’s the only time we’ve got.”
Art Buchwald
What do you think or feel about time?

I think:
Today is the only time we really have of life. A good attitude is most important. Without a good attitude, the good times are not quite so good and the worst times are worse. So, we might as well take the good or bad with a good attitude.