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a is for  age

The way I see it…


When I was a child I was sort of old.
I was very serious and quiet most of the time.
I spent a lot of time thinking.
I was pretty happy where I was.


When I was a teen I was still sort of old.
I was very serious and quiet and afraid of making mistakes.
Being afraid of making mistakes didn’t prevent them but made them seem worse.
I desperately wanted to be older.


As a young woman, I was still quiet but not as serious.
I was kind of wild and rebellious, in a quiet way, but definitely undisciplined.
I had a lot of fun!
Not always in my best interest but still, fun for the most part.
I wanted to be a young woman forever!


In middle age, I got serious again, very very serious.
That was not good.
A little seriousness is good but
when it gets in the way of having a life it’s bad news.


Now I am old in years, not elderly just old(er).
That was the best thing I ever did!
Being old is freeing.
I am semi-serious and seriously serious when it’s needed.
I am happier than I ever have been.
I like myself.
Not sure why it took me so long to get here but
the lessons along the way taught me to live
in the now, not yesterday or tomorrow but today.


In the not too distant future, I will be elderly.
Who knows what that will be like?
All I know is that it will be what it will be.
I am hoping to be an old woman who is wise.
Oh, and I hope to be funny and not too cranky.

The way I see it age isn’t all that important it’s just a number.
Be yourself whatever the number of years you are.

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Thinking about time…

Thinking about time this
Tuesday Chatter

I don’t know what happens to the day.
It seems I get up to the sunshine and in a blink, it’s the moon I see.
I think time moves faster when one retires.
I thought it would move slower and I would get a lot done.
Nope, not happening.

Tokina AT-X 90mm F2.5 Macro (Bokina II)

I’m not complaining!
I have been enjoying my days of doing what little I do.
I would just like the time to mosey along and not be in such a hurry.
You may not understand this if you are young
but I am pretty sure you do if you are old(er) like me.

Maybe the rush of time has something to do with
having more of your time in the past than what is left for the future.
I am learning that living in the moment is sweet
and tomorrow is perhaps nothing more than a passing thought.

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A chat and a poem…

Here it is time for
Tuesday Chatter.

My walk today was wonderful. The day was perfect with sun and white clouds and cool breezes. If you saw my post yesterday you know I live in a beautiful neighborhood. Each season it has something that makes me happy that I live where I do. While I was walking I thought about seasons and time and how things change and yet stay the same. And it gave me an idea for, In Other Words, my challenge to write a poem or story in 5 lines or less using the word slippery. 🙂 The amazing thing is that I remembered it!


Time is not to be trusted for it is fickle
It flies by fast or seeps by at a trickle
It is what it is like it or not
We can try to make it mind us
But it never will because it’s a slippery cuss

That’s it for this Tuesday Chatter and In Other Words

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In Other Words
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On time is late…

I got a late start this morning and by the time I was dressed and ready to take my walk it was in the mid-nineties.  So, I sat in my chair thinking.  First thought was I gotta get up 232323232-fp63597-nu=3498-89--738-258989-82925-ot1lsiearlier! Second thought was to forget the walk. Then I daydreamed a while.  I do know how to waste a day.  Finally, I decided to get on the computer and get some writing done.   Anyway, I am joining Tuesday Chatter with my In Other Words post. You would think since I host In Other Words I would do my post before the last day but it seems I am always a bit behind. Probably due to late starts and daydreaming.

The prompt for In Other Words:

“Time flows the same way for all human beings;
every human being flows through time in a different way.”
Yasunari Kawabata

The first person I thought of when I read this quote was my father.  He was something of a worrier and one of the things he worried about was being late. Everywhere he went if he wasn’t at least fifteen minutes early he was late.  When the family had someplace to be at a certain time he would be ready way before the rest of us and a nervous wreck worrying that we would be late.  He would pace or sit in his chair tapping his foot, shaking his head and telling us we were going to be late making it sound like we were breaking the law and would see prison time if we didn’t hurry.

As a child, he made me so nervous and a little afraid of being late that sometimes I would sort of move in slow motion resulting in our not being fifteen minutes early which meant we were late.  Then he would tell the story about how I was supposed to be born on St Patrick’s day but I was late making them wait a week longer and how they have been waiting for me ever since. Back then I felt bad that I made everyone wait for me and became like him and worried about not being on time which meant I had to be early.

Somewhere in time how I felt about the story changed and I now see it as a sweet memory. I do try to be on time but no longer worry about being late. At least not to the point of nervous tics happening. The older I get I am less concerned about time.  I try to be on time and usually am but if I am less that ten minutes late I still consider myself on time.

In Other Words
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Time flows the same…

In Other Words

“Time flows the same way for all human beings;
every human being flows through time in a different way.”
Yasunari Kawabata

Use the quote or the author as inspiration;
post a story…fiction or non-fiction,
a poem, a commentary, opinion or a picture.
Or use any word from the quote as a starting point.
Just write!
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