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Saturday, to-do list victory, sort of…

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Something’s off the to-do list—YAY!


Yes, you read that right.  I have actually done something that was on my to-do list. 

I painted the mirror that hangs in the bathroom.

It is a Mexican tin mirror, dull silver with vine embossing.  I have had it for about 15 years and have liked it.  But I have done some updating and now the silver won’t work. 

As you know I have become a fanatic about spray paint.  Maybe you didn’t know before but now you do.  Anyway, the mirror is now a dull gold with vine embossing.  Looks great.

Will really look great when I hang it back up.  But it seems I can’t do that–hang it.

Dang it!

Now I have to put “hang the mirror” on the to-do list!

Today, I think I don’t understand why I can’t hang it up.  I put it up 15 years ago!

Anyone who wants to come by and get it back on the wall I am home now and will be here all day tomorrow… Smile