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Tuesday talk…

It’s a job that’s never started
that takes the longest to finish.
J.R.R. Tolkien

It is true if you don’t start something you will never finish it. I can prove it. Yesterday, I kept reminding myself that Monday musings needed to be written. It was Monday after all. But I never did start writing. Here it is Tuesday, too late for Monday musings, so I will just talk. Not that I have anything much to say today.

The weather has been great for walking the last few days. Not too hot and little humidity. That makes me happy. It’s supposed to rain the next few days, which we need, but I will complain if I have to walk in the rain. In fact, I probably won’t take a walk if it rains and I will complain about that.

Here’s something else I have been complaining about lately, movies. Why do they have to be over two hours long? Whatever happened to ninety minute movies? I don’t go out to movies, I get them from Netflix and watch them at home, so I could pause them, do something else then go back and watch the rest later. But, for some reason I always mess up the pause thing and have to go back to the beginning and fast forward to where I left off…if I remember where I left off and if I remembered to pause before turning the TV off. See, another complaint.

I am in dire need of an attitude adjustment. If only there was an app for it. But there isn’t! Is that a complaint or just a comment? I could go on and on like this, but I will spare you, and stop here.

I will be in better spirits Thursday when I share my thoughts.
At least, I hope so.
I’m driving myself crazy with all this complaining nonsense.

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Thursday, thankful for plenty…

Today I cleaned my closet.  Now you might not think that is a big deal.  But it was!  This particular chore has been on my to-do list for months.  I just kept moving it from day-to-day.  But today was the day!


When I say I cleaned the closet I mean big time cleaning.  Everything taken out, the walls and shelves dusted, and the floor mopped.  Then the hard part..

I was ruthless! Really!  Any purse or shoes I have not taken out of the closet in a year–in the Goodwill pile.  Anything a size small went to the Goodwill pile without trying it on. 

I mean I am no longer a small.  I am now a medium–on my way to large if I don’t rein in my appetite large

I still have the armoire to tackle but I ran out of energy.  Not physical energy but emotional.  It is difficult to say good-by to clothes I like and that remind me of happy times…and are a size small.  I think I will just move the armoire to another day’s to-do list.

I now have 4 bags for Goodwill and 1 for the dumpster. Why I had some of the things in the closet that I did is a mystery.  To give you an idea of the volume of un-wearables I had in my now lovely neat clean closet…I have 35 empty hangers. 35! bags

It’s embarrassing to have so much when there are so many that have so very little. And it is embarrassing to be holding onto what I no longer can use simply because of selfishness and lying to myself that someday I will be a size small again.


Today, I am thankful for the wake up call about being honest with myself and for the blessing of plenty.