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Monday musings…

Whoever said “Out of sight, out of mind”
never had a spider disappear in their bedroom.

I have never liked spiders. Never have and never will. I will even admit that I am afraid of them. I know it is silly to be frightened by them, but I am. Have been since I was a child.

They are so sneaky. And when one knows I have seen it, it thinks it’s fun to torment me. It hurries up a wall to the ceiling or under the sofa or worse, under the bed. Any place I can’t get to it.

There is no way I can relax if I know one is wandering around in my home. I become a madwoman until I squish it. In general, any bug that enters my abode does so as a death wish. But spiders have always been the worst, until recently.

There are a lot of cicadas this year, and they seem to like my balcony. Teddy has taken a liking to them. That’s okay, except he brings them inside. Like spiders, they are good at finding places difficult for me to get to them. Unlike spiders they are noisy so it’s easy to know where they are. But they fly! Not always away from me sometimes, right at me.

Teddy thinks it is great fun.
I can hardly wait for cold weather!

Image by joudrierd from Pixabay