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Three Line Tales, Week 53

tltweek53photo by Daniel Cheung via Unsplash

They returned home with many souvenirs of their travels to distant places. Most were easy to understand what the purpose of the object was especially ones found in the offices of big businesses. But this thing was found on the desk of the president of a large company and no one could figure out what possible purpose it had for the business or the important earthling.

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it’s soooo good…

hi my peoples!

look at what mama brought me


it’s a ba-nip-ana

it’s mine all mine
but i have to let jack play with it sometimes
or mama will take it away.
if we can’t share our toys then nobody gets to play with them.
that’s a new rule around here. dog it.


oh it smells soooooo good


meowzers!    cat outta control!


sorry bout that
i don’t often lose control like that
but the banipana is just too good
so good it’s hard to maintain
my usual dignity and gentle demeanor.


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Tuesday, I’ve got a secret…

Hi Peoples,

Guess what!  I’ve got a secret so I get to do the Two Shoes Tuesday post!

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I have lots of toys and Mama put my favorites in a basket for me.


There is M’Deer and my feather fluffy, my scrunchy brown paper bag, my sock with nip in it, my fish, and my strawberry cake puff.  And of course, my big white ball.  What you don’t see in the basket is my very very most favorite toys in the whole world!

My multi-color soft fuzzy balls, 3 of them, are not in the basket.
There would be a picture of them here

But I hid them. 

That’s a great game to play with Mama, I hide them in a secret place and she tries to find them.  I hid them so well this time that she can’t find them at all!  She has looked everywhere!

I hid them in a very special secret place.

 So secret that I can’t find them.

It’s a little bit upsetting.  But Mama says not to worry;  before she comes home from work tomorrow she will go to the store and buy me some new multi-color soft fuzzy balls. 

I hope she doesn’t forget.  If I had my own phone I could text her and remind her.