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Secret treasures…

Three Line Tales week 107

photo by Frank McKenna via Unsplash

Secrets Treasures

A few weeks after the funeral, she went back to the house where she grew up to sort through her mother’s things to ready the house for sale.  Her mother was a shy woman who lived a quiet sheltered life with no secrets or great passion. Looking at the few things her mother kept in the trunk in her bedroom she was surprised and wistfully smiled; her shy and quiet mama did have passion in her life and maybe more than a few secrets.

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Monday · Tossing It Out A to Z Challenge · Uncategorized

Monday, T is for Teddy’s treasure…

Hi Peoples!

There was a mystery here for a while!

This is my ESS.  It is a treasured toy of mine.


See that little thing hanging underneath?  That is a feather.  It is supposed to be there all the time.    But one day it was gone.


Just gone!

We looked everywhere for the feather.  But it was gone!  And the feather is the treasure part of the ESS without it the ESS is just an ess.

Then one day Mama was doing some cleaning and decided to vacuum the furniture. She got that old blue house monster out and went to work.  When she got to the sofa and took the cushions off there was this faint but familiar smell.


I immediately started to check it out.  And look at what I found!


The ESS feather!


What a wonder!  I am so happy!


I played for a long time with the ESS feather.  I played until I just couldn’t play anymore.


I’ll tell you I am so glad we found the feather but I think maybe Mama needs to reconsider her cleaning schedule.  My treasured ESS feather was missing for a LONG time!

thankfulness · Thursday

Thursday, thankful for friends…

Got milk?

Today is Thursday, October 28, 2010


A most wonderful thing about my life is that I am not lonely.  I live alone–well I do have a cat for company–but as for people living in this condo there is only me.  Yet I do not feel alone or lonely.  I am often asked  if I am lonely.  Truthfully, though I am usually alone I am not lonely.

Not only am I not lonely I do not feel alone.  Oh, there are times when I have needed another persons heartbeat next to mine.  There have been times when that need has been great–times of unbearable sorrow or unbelievable joy–and those times will happen again;  it is part of life.

Perhaps if I did not have the friends I have I would find it difficult to live alone.  But as it is these friends of mine are just a call away, really just a heartbeat away.  I know if I want to talk, or need help, or feel the need to be with someone I only have to let them know. They will be here for me  when I call;  if  not physically,  I know they will be here in spirit.

Friendship is a gift to be appreciated and treasured.  I know I do not tell my friends nearly often enough how important they are to me, how they have enriched my life,  how deeply I love and cherish them.

I am so blessed.  To say I am thankful is a woefully weak expression for what is in my heart.