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A vision of bubbles…

I was trying to come up with something for
Tuesday Chatter
and had nada so went and sat on the balcony.
Let me tell you 100* is hot!
Because it was so hot I decided to come inside but
before I did I looked out and saw this

I know the pictures aren’t good but those little dots in the trees are
I tried to see where they were coming from but
saw nothing, no bubbles anywhere but floating in the trees.
The vision made me smile and laugh.

Maybe it was just my brain being fried in the heat and I was hallucinating,
but I swear I saw bubbles in the trees.
The pictures prove it.  Right?

Whatever!  It gave me something to chat about.

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Trees and chatter…

Tuesday Chatter
From Ordinary To Artistic…Tree


Sadly Ordinary



We are losing so many trees in my neighborhood
and throughout the city.
It makes me so sad to see them cut down like this.
Unfortunately, this tree will never see new life sprouting.

On a happier note, today was a glorious sunny day.
Great for my walk and doing some shopping.
There were lots of people out and about.
It was like Spring had sprung.
But we know there are more cold and dreary days
to come before Spring does come to stay awhile.

Another happy note, I bought a new printer.
I was worried about installing it as a wireless printer
because for me wireless is always difficult to install.
But it was done in twenty minutes and works great.
Maybe the best part was the printer was half price
and I had a gift card and free shipping.
Printer cost me $15.00!

On that note, I will be on my way.
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The Christmas tree is…

In Other Words

“The Christmas tree is the dot on the “i”.”
Frank Taylor

~~~Christmas Tree~~~

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Friday, celebrating trees …


This is the view from my balcony.
I like that I live in a city that has trees.
It would be sad to look out from my nest    
and see only buildings and concrete.

The building with the dome is the State Capitol.
I’m telling you that so you know I live in a big city.
No, it is not really all that big but it is bigger than a bread box.

That reminds me…I just got a bread box.
Oh, the excitement of my life in the city knows no bounds.


Today, I think…I celebrate living in a city that has  trees.

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Thursday, thankful imagination…

St Mary Magdalene Church, Gilsland. Heavily ca...
Image via Wikipedia

Today is Thursday, November 11, 2010


A friend and I had lunch one day at a rather trendy hip kinda place.  It was big and loud and busy and had great windows.  Oh, and the food was good. While we were there my eyes were drawn to the view.  It was not a remarkable view with unusual things to see but it was a pleasant view.

There were trees in groups of three  or more, some kind of evergreens.  It struck me that they looked like families.  Here was a mom, dad, couple of teenagers, and a little kid.  Over there  were two older folks and near them a nanny with two toddlers.  When I see sights like this that get my imagination in gear there is no stopping it.  I could think of all kinds of stories to tell about these tree people.

Imagination is such a wonderful gift.  Children have it in abundance but adults tend to shut it down.  Oh, there are those creative folks who never lose the ability to call it to the front of the stage of life.  Most simply let it sit and atrophy like muscles that are not used.

There was a season in my life that my imagination slept.  I had put it away like a good grown up and left it alone.  But for some reason every once in a while it would rouse from its nap and shake away the boredom of too much reality and bring me laughter and wonder.  I am thankful that my imagination would not be packed away with childhood memorabilia but was resilient and stubborn and a bit willful–sounds like a certain someone I know–and jumped out of the box.

Really, I like my imagination.  I am thankful for the gift of fun and creativity and humor and insight I am given when it comes out to play.