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This cat makes me think of someone I knew.
Even in middle age his interests and actions were like a teenager.
I think he was afraid of growing old.
He didn’t know growing up doesn’t mean becoming like an old codger.
I guess he thought to be an adult meant boredom and monotony.
He didn’t know he could be mature,
have fun and play, be youthful and adventuresome.
He was an adultescent.
It was kinda sad.

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Tuesday Chatter · whatever!

A controlled rant…


My Tuesday Chatter could become a rant,
but I will control myself and just give you the facts.

Remember way back when…
I told you about my kitchen redo?
Well, a year later it is done, almost.

The new upper cabinets are installed…
only took eight months and three orders to get it right.
The pantry is finished.
The walls and lower cabinets are painted…
took me five days and that’s because
I changed my mind about the cabinet color
and had to repaint them.

Now I just need some shelves put up
and molding installed.
But where is my handyman?
Seems he has disappeared.

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In Other Words, library…

In Other Words

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https://pixabay.com/en/cat-tamara-fur-paws-ears-read-718936/The Library

For the past year, I have been going to the library downtown because the branch that is four blocks from where I live has been closed for much-needed renovations. Going downtown every couple of weeks wasn’t a big deal but it was inconvenient having to take the bus. Instead of a pleasant ten-minute walk, there was the waiting for the bus, the twenty minutes to get to the library and the same to get back home, not to mention needing exact change for the bus fare. The neighborhood branch reopened last week and I included a visit there when I took my walk the other day; it felt good to be at my library again, to see the old staff and meet the new. But it was strange and made me sad to see that though the new library is beautiful, with desks and comfy chairs, new computers, lots of movies and CD’s and even outdoor tables and chairs on two patios, there are fewer actual books on the shelves and somehow that just seems wrong.

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C is for curious…

colorful-1313027_640is for curious 


It’s a big world out there.
Lots to learn and experience.
Lots of places to go and people to meet.

Expand your horizons.
Look at people, places, and things from a different perspective.
Ask questions about what you see and hear then look for the answers.

Some people may think you are odd for being curious.
Don’t worry about them they are probably boring people.
People who have no curiosity have small lives.

Curiosity is having an interest in the world.
Those who are curious are important to the world.
If it wasn’t for the curious we would be living in a dark ugly world.

Be someone who is curious about their world.

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