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The Waiting Table…

photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

The Waiting Table

The antique dining table was set with the finest linens, the wedding china, and the family crystal waiting for the guests to arrive. She stood at the window watching for the guests she so often invited, the people she loved. The guests who never responded to her invitations, her love.

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The waiting is over…

Five Sentence Fiction prompt this week is:


Today, the waiting is over and I will leave this place where I have lived all my life. This has been a good place of quiet solitude; wrapped in love and warmth, with  a steady rhythm like that of a gentle drum.  While here I have learned a couple of things about myself:  I love warm baths and a good stretch but I do not like spicy foods or sudden loud noises.  I am ready to move from here, as nice as it is, for it has become crowded and I want to grow and experience all of life.  The waiting to move from here is over for today is my birth day.

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