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Exercise is good…

It’s Friday and time to
Celebrate the Small Things


  • The weather was wonderful all week and there was no excuse not to get out and get some exercise.  Well, I could come up with some excuses but I talked myself out of being plain lazy and went walking.  So glad I did.  I always feel better after some exercise especially when the scenery is ready to pop with new growth and blossoms.


  • We have a small library here in the building where I live.  Anyone who lives here can borrow books from the library and they can donate books for others to enjoy.  I took it upon myself to get it cleaned up and sorted.  In the last year, the books have been multiplying and the shelves are getting crowded.  I mentioned that it was time to clean and sort again and someone volunteered to help!  So that is what we have been doing.  Almost done.  To make room for new books some of the old  are being donated to the Friends of the Library for their annual sale.  It really is something to celebrate that the library is being enjoyed by so many folks in the building.
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Tuesday, ten things about November…

November and the sun is low
Image by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi via Flickr

Today is Tuesday, November 30, 2010


10 Things November Brings

  1. Colder weather–time for sweaters and hats and gloves–but not for long johns yet.
  2. Falling leaves–love this– all the drifting color.
  3. Long walks in the crisp air and crunchy leaves.
  4. The beginning of the holiday season–this is a love hate thing for me.
  5. Stores are all dressed up for the holiday shoppers–even stores look better in fancy dress.
  6. Spending money–more than usual.
  7. Holiday parties and get-togethers–another of those love hate things.
  8. Food and more food–this purely love especially the egg nog that is only sold at this time of year–what’s with that?
  9. Gifts–the giving and getting of–kinda stressful but also fun.
  10. Realization that the year is almost over and you haven’t done all you thought you would–but don’t worry next year is right around the corner and you can make another resolutions list.