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Saturday, waiting for a word…

Finding my word for the year.

Every year I have a word for the year.  It is a spiritual thing.

 I am given a word and usually a scripture with the word in it and I spend time throughout the year thinking about, studying, praying, and meditating on the word.  

praycat.jpg When I say I am given a word, or sometimes a phrase, I don’t mean it is given to me in an eerie or metaphysical way.  Sometimes it comes to me from something I read or something someone says  that resonates or I see something that stops me and makes me take notice.  However I get the word it is always a surprise.


In the past some of my words have been, boundaries, seek, wait, and courage.

Usually I start getting a feeling for the word in the fall and by this time I know what it will be for the coming year.

 But so far this year…nothing.

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 Not even a whisper or hint.

I don’t know why this year is different.  But I do know there will be a word.

 I feel a sort of stirring or shifting within, change.  There is a sense of excitement brewing. What is ahead for me to learn and experience through this word?  But also a sense of wariness.  Maybe the lessons of the past words were to prepare me for more difficult lessons?  Lessons that are more challenging?  Lessons that I thought I had learned but haven’t?  Lessons that I have avoided  because they are difficult or will hurt while learning them?

Whatever the word is for 2013 I think it is going to be a different experience than in past years.


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