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CTST’s today…

The sun is shining and it is not windy and freezing.
The guys installing the new balconies are back to work.
If it is too cold the epoxy used with the screws is ineffective.
Definitely, want the railings to be secure.
If it’s too windy they can’t work because it isn’t safe for the installers.
Certainly, want them to be safe and secure.

The cats are not happy about the noise.
Especially Teddy.

He just wants it done.
It’s hard to nap with all the noise.

Jack’s okay.

Not exactly happy but putting up with it.

So, today I am celebrating
the good weather and working conditions,
the guys working and doing a good job,
and my sweet catkids.

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Teeth chattering chatter…

My teeth are chattering this
Tuesday Chatter.


Last week it was in 70*.
Since Sunday when we had snow
it has been in the 50* in the daytime
and 30* at night.
Tonight and the two nights after
it is going to be in the 20*!
I say,
“Enough of this nonsense!
This is the sunny South
and March means warm!”

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Raining and giving…

 Tuesday Chatter


Today has been cold and rainy all day. I was having lunch with a friend who observed in a kind of despairing way about what a dreary day it was. It surprises me when people are unhappy when there is a dreary day. I told her a day or two of this kind of weather doesn’t bother me, it reminds me of where I grew up in Northeastern Ohio where it is often dreary this time of year. She made no response to my comment and we went onto other things to talk about. How do you feel about dreary days?  Granted I don’t like it if there are several days of cold rain and no sunshine but a couple of days of it is sort of comforting.

“There is no such thing as bad weather,
only different kinds of good weather.”
John Ruskin


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It has been too warm.
I am tired of it.
It’s winter.
It should be cold.
I want cold weather.
It’s here.
It is cold.
I don’t like it
It should go away.
It has been unseasonally warm
and I have to say that like Teddy
I have been waiting for some cold weather.
I hope we have an early Spring.