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Snow, Ice, Earthquake…

The snow and ice are gone.

Everything is back to normal
although some folks still don’t have power,


and that is not good…they are not especially happy.
I would be very cranky.

So all is well…but…
last night we had an earthquake.



It was  a 4.1 centered about 60 miles from here.
There was a loud noise and the building sort of vibrated.
No damage and no one hurt.


So all is well.

I have experienced
tornadoes, blizzards, a hurricane, ice storms, and now an earthquake.
I am thankful that I survived them all
with just some inconvenience and no bad stuff.

Wonder what will be next?


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2nd and 4th mine

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Saturday, oh what a difference…

Thursday was like a Spring day.


This is what the scenery looked like.  I think these are Tulip Trees but I am not sure.  The flowers on them look like tulips anyway.  It was such a happy surprise to happen upon them.

Now, today…Saturday.  It is in the 30’s, wind, rain, sleet and dark grey skies.  Not so spring-like.   

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Oh, what a difference a day or two can make

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Tuesday, why is it…

Cat in Blanket

Image by unprose via Flickr

Why is it that in the summer when it is 68* in the house it is comfortable but in the fall and winter when it is 68* it is uncomfortably chilly?

I just can’t figure it out.  A few weeks ago I had the air conditioner on and wearing shorts and tank tops and was quite comfortable.  Today I have sweats on and not one but two pairs of socks on and I still feel a chill.  When I was reading I was wrapped in an afghan and now as I type I have the heater on.  But I refuse to turn the furnace on…that seems to make cold weather show up sooner and right now it is just chilly.

I also can’t figure out when I became such a freeze baby wimp.  I grew up in the Snowbelt but I guess after over thirty years in the south my Yankee blood has thinned to flow like iced tea.

Today, I think bears are smart, hibernation is the way to go.

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Tuesday, it’s a surprise…

A cat caught by surprise

Image via Wikipedia

Shocking! Unbelievable!  Awesome!  Exciting!  Amazing!  Remarkable!  Wondrous!  Astonishing!  Glorious!

I could go on and on but enough of the  superfluous adjectives…

It is almost two o’clock in the afternoon, in August, in the deep South, and it is all of 78*! 

Today, I think I may have died and gone to Heaven.

Oh, wait.  It is cloudy and the sun is hidden.  Does the sun hide in Heaven?

I think I am prolly still in South Carolina.  That’s okay.  I haven’t found out yet if there is blogging in Heaven and I want to be prepared…either way.

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Tuesday, 10 that are better than…

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Here are 10 things that I think are better than 10 other things:

  1. Books with real paper pages are better than digital books
  2. Warm weather is better than cold weather
  3. Hot chocolate is better than coffee
  4. Coke, the real stuff not diet, is better than any other soda
  5. Elastic waistbands are better than waistbands without elastic
  6. Any color is better than tan
  7. Cotton sheets are better than satin sheets
  8. The comics are better than the editorials
  9. Flannel is better than wool
  10. Hello is better than good-bye

And here is a bonus…

Going back to sleep after shutting off the alarm is better than having to get up when you don’t want to.  






Saturday, thinking about home…

Today is Saturday, December 18, 2010

It is gray and misty and cold today, what I call Ohio weather. When I look out my window and see the wet street and water dripping off the tree branches and low gray skies I begin to feel a pull towards home.  This is really odd because once I left Ohio and came to South Carolina  I never went back.

Ohio friends have been–not forgotten–but left there untended and so now  are just people from the past with no real importance in the present.  There is family still in Ohio– part of my heart–but in truth, except for my brother, we are pretty much strangers.  Why then do I think of Ohio as home?  Is it because I was a child there?  Is there something about childhood memories about a place that finds a corner in the heart and makes that place forever home?