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Pondering the changes…


I have been thinking about the changes in my life.  I think many of us do this time this time of year.  One of the things that changed in my life has been my body.  Of course, everyone’s body changes over time but the last few days I have been pondering my changes.

When I was a baby and until I was about six I was fat.  I little dumpling if you will.  When I was a little girl I was pretty average. Not short or tall, chubby or thin just an average little girl. Then I got tall and skinny and awkward, all arms and legs.

From my mid-twenties to thirties, I was just right.  I wasn’t tall or short, not chubby or skinny. My arms and legs were no longer gangly but just as they should be.  I had curves where they are supposed to be all slender and perky…at attention if you know what I mean.

My forties and fifties brought some changes.  Things got softer and rounder and I gained some weight.  Then I was suddenly sixty!  Things changed, a lot! I was not fat but a bit plump and things sorted started shifting south.  My little pot belly morphed into a turkey roaster and my cute often complimented little butt…well let’s just say it wasn’t often complimented.  But maybe it’s because folks don’t compliment older women’s butts. Probably because no one looks at them but that is another post.

Now on my way to seventy, though I don’t want to be a little birdy old lady I don’t want to be an ostrich either.  So, in 2015, I was on and sometimes off, a diet.  It took a year to lose twenty-five pounds!  Dieting is hard work and I prefer naps.  Anyway, I am happy to be if not svelte at least wearing a size ten.

But here is a question.  If it took a year to lose twenty-five pounds why did it only take five days to gain five and a half pounds?  So much of life is a puzzle.

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Tuesday, about weight gain…

The other day I went to the doctor just for a check up kind of visit.  Of course, the subject of my weight came up.  How could it not, the first thing they do is weigh you.

It seems I have weighed the same for about 3 years.  Sounds pretty good.  Yes, I could stand to lose a few pounds but I am not exactly fat–just sort of fluffy. 

When I was in my twenties I was a skinny mini.   twenty

A tiny thing.   I got so tired of people gushing over my skinniness.  I just wanted more than anything to weigh 110 pounds.  Never did–at least not then …

Still thin in my thirties        thirtybut I had filled out a bit had and had some curves.

When my forties came to be I began–shall we say–to soften some.

fortyLooked pretty good–I was happy.

Then came the fifties fiftyand changes.

Or as some call it “the” change.

I developed this little pooch thing.  Not sure where it came from or how it got there but once it showed up it stayed.  The pooch thing also brought  its counterpart in the back that will not be named here as this is a G rated blog.

And here I am in my sixties!


Only the clothes I wear fit.  Anyway, as I said I am now a bit fluffy.

Back to the doctor visit.  As we were talking about my weight I got to thinking…I gain about ten pounds a decade.  That really isn’t so bad.  And when you think about it that’s only ONE pound a year!

Today, I think I feel pretty good about my weight.

  Besides in my mind I look like this