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Thursday, walking through danger…

It has been so very hot this summer that I haven’t taken many walks. 

But a couple of days ago there was a break in the heat and I ventured out for a stroll.

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This is a street I walk down often when I take a walk–which wasn’t often this summer.

A few blocks into my walk I saw this blocking the sidewalk.


Obviously a warning that something hazardous or unsafe or there may even be danger ahead.

So,  I carefully avoided the dangerous barricade and walked off the sidewalk and onto the grass and around the barricade and back onto the sidewalk.  I continued walking until I came to a second barricade and again carefully walked around it.

Then I began to wonder why there were signs indicating there was a hazardous or unsafe area on the sidewalk .   I turned around to survey where I had been and saw the reason for the barricades.

Yes, in my ditziness I walked through wet cement.


It’s been so long since I took a walk that I guess I am out of practice.

Today, I think I am thankful that I was unobserved being a ditz, I didn’t hear anyone laughing–or cursing, and that it was just wet cement and not a hole being dug to China. That would have been a hazardous unsafe danger.

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 I know it is still Wednesday but this is Thursday’s post and I know it is Two Shoes Tuesday but we have until Friday to post it.  Oh, the prompt for TST this week is danger.