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W is for wood shoes…

w4pThere was a little girl who

sometimes had nightmares.

For a while she had nightmares about people
who were wearing wooden shoes.

It was all because of Howdy Doody.


There was a story on his show about some bad
puppet people who wore wooden shoes.

She told her mommy about her fear of
these puppet people with wood shoes.
Mommy assured her that where they lived
there was no one who wore wood shoes so she was safe.

One day the little girl and her mommy were taking a taxi  home.
They lived in a small town with only a couple of taxis
so people often shared a ride.
On this day the driver stopped to pick up another lady.

She smiled at the lady but the lady didn’t smile back.
She seemed mad and a bit mean.

The little girl scooted over closer to her mommy.
Then she looked down and had the fright of her life.


The lady had wood shoes on just like the ones
the bad puppet people wore on Howdy Doody!

First Image: wikimedia
econd Image: Google

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Saturday, Howdy Doody is kinda scary…

Portrait of Buffalo Bob Smith and Howdy Doody:...
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When I was little we watched The Howdy Doody Show every afternoon.  It was always fun and I liked it.  There were several different puppet regulars and some guest puppets.  There were stories acted out by the puppets and for the most part I liked them.  Except for one story that was told over several days.
I don’t remember what the story was about other than the bad guy puppets all wore Dutch wooden shoes.  I had nightmares about these puppets and their shoes!  But I reasoned with myself that it was a TV show and what were the chances that these mean puppets in the wooden shoes would show up in the little town where I lived?  I was quite adult in my reasoning and the nightmares stopped and life went on.  Until…
My ma and I were taking a taxi home from our afternoon uptown.  Because it was such a small town there were only a couple of taxis and people would share rides with others who were going in the same direction.  So after we got in the taxi the driver picked up another fare.  And you will not believe it…
A rather stern looking very tall lady (I was about 5 so all ladies seemed tall) got in the car and…she…was…wearing…Dutch wooden shoes!
I was terrified!  I never said a word, but I did wonder what the odds were that I would be in a taxi in my small town with someone wearing wooden shoes
I had nightmares and daymares for weeks.  I was on the look out for others in wooden shoes.  I figured if there was one there could be others.  Happily, I never did see her again or anyone else with the dreaded wooden shoes.
I wonder how many other little children were scared by a story on The Howdy Doody Show.  What were they thinking having scary puppets on the show?! Marionette puppets are weirdly scary anyway, don’t you think?
I still check out the shoes strangers are wearing…you never know…