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Thursday thoughts…

Each Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

Okay, so today is Friday and I am posting as if was Thursday. Why? Because I am a procrastinator and I kept telling myself yesterday that I would get the post written later. Of course, later never came and now today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Not only is this a day late, but today, like yesterday, I still am empty-headed as to what to write. So, today I am going forget about yesterday and look forward to doing some writing tomorrow.

Well, not tomorrow.
Monday, I will do some musing, I think.

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Monday, thinking about some things…

Well, it is Monday and I have been the_thinking_cat_largethinking about a couple of things.

I was checking my stats–don’t roll your eyes–you do it, too.  Anyway, I looked to see how many followers I have these days.  I know how many there were last week.  And today there is one less! 

296622-bigthumbnail I  wonder where they went–and why?  Did I offend?  Nah, this is a pretty inoffensive blog.  Have I been boring?  Maybe.  I mean you can’t be amazing all the time.  Really, I have a hard time being interesting all the time.  Did they decide to dump the computer, or ban blogs in general, or move to the North Pole or Mars or somewhere exotic and don’t have internet access? 

I have to admit there are some blogs I have stopped following. If there are no posts for months or if all the posts are forever long–an occasional epic is ok but not every post–I will stop following. Sometimes it turns out that the blog just isn’t for me and I stop following. That happens and maybe that is the reason for my lost follower.  Maybe I need a blog satisfaction survey that people can take when they opt out so I will know what I need to do to be a better blog hostess.

medalThe other thing I have thought about is awards.  I have been the fortunate recipient of several awards.  I had them on the side bar for a while then I put them on a page that you could get from the top menu thingie.  But I have taken that page off. 

I have been truly appreciative when someone honored me with an award but I don’t blog for awards.  The only recognition I hope for is that people will read what I write and  let me know with “likes” and comments that they have stopped by for a visit.


When someone chooses to follow this blog it is the most wonderful of compliments and I am truly humbled.   Thank you!  No other award is desired.

And now…

Today, I think…biggerI need to be thinking about what to write for my next post…