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What Teddy is expecting…


you have to listen to me, jack.
i know we don’t always get along–like never really.
but this bit of advice is for your own good.

i have been here longer than you and i know mama better than you.
when there are computer issues it’s not a good thing
and right now there are computer issues
that doesn’t mean a thing to you, but i know what it means.

we can expect to see a side of mama that isn’t pretty.

i’m not sure if she is headed for a melt-down or a blow-up…
…i just hope she doesn’t expire.
either way get ready to run for cover.

i’m telling you, jack, it ain’t lookin good.


hi all you peoples, it’s me, teddy.
i’m posting this for mama as part of
two shoes tuesday
the prompt is

Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

21 thoughts on “What Teddy is expecting…

  1. Oh, this is hilarious, Patty. I get very bent out of shape when there are computer problems. Love that you observed yourself through the eyes of the cats. I LOVE it.

    1. The cats watch me and I watch them watching. I wonder what they are thinking. I talk to them and wish they could talk to me…I think.

  2. NICE JOB TEDDY! And all with paws on the keys. Now THAT should teach me something about patience with my computer! But sadly I am much the same as other humans in that catagory!

  3. My furkids would so agree with you on this sage advice, Teddy, and as we all know “When Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.” Nothing is more annoying than having your Internet or your computer stop working correctly, the frustration is huge! I love the imagery of a blow-up or melt-down, I have been in both those places more times than I can count. Thankfully, once that happens I cool off quickly and get back to the business at hand. Wishing both of you and your Mama happier days just ahead! We love hearing from you, Teddy! XOXO

    1. Teddy was very excited to write something here since I have neglected his blog. The computer can test my patience big time then as Teddy said ain’t pretty.

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