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In Other Words, poor…

In Other Words

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word poor
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Here is my story this week.
It’s based on a childhood memory I have of my brother.

orange tabby cat on gray pavement
Photo by Matheus Guimaru00e3es on Pexels.com

Get your butt in the house this minute, young man! I’ve had it with your shenanigans and now you’re going to pay a pretty price for the mess you made.

I’m sorry but I can’t pay a pretty price because I don’t have any money. I am not a man, Mommy. I am just a poor little boy.

27 thoughts on “In Other Words, poor…

        1. I am catching up on comments now and will write a short post as soon as I finish. I think I need some time away from the computer so will be AWOL for awhile. But I will return!

  1. Here is mine:
    I’m as poor as a church mouse, barely making ends meet.
    When I was a kid we lived, all ten of us in a house by the train line, the 6.25 woke us up every morning.
    That’s nothing we lived beside a river that woke us when it flooded every morning.
    We were so poor we grew up eating our parents regurgitated breakfast, you get used to it after a while.
    Huh, you think you are poor, we lived in a box, all fifteen of us, on a train line bedside a flooding river, our father flogged us every day for being poor and sent us to work in a factory bending bananas.

    1. Everybody wants the last word, don’t they? Reminds me of my father who always had a story about how hard he had it as a kid whenever we complained. Thanks for sharing your story, Michael.

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