Offering and celebrating…

This week Two Shoes Tuesday’s prompt is



And this week I
Celebrate The Small Things

  • I had a birthday and have a new year to celebrate.
  • Got sweet thoughtful gifts that I love. Cards, flowers, jewelry, and chocolate stuff.
  • Did some shopping and had lunch with my friend “Lucy”.
  • Finished a little project for the Homeowner’s Association.

I am thankful for the blessings!

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Celebrate the journey……

In Other Words

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road
and celebrate the journey”
Barbara Hoffman

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Be creative and have fun!

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A Fairy Tale…

A Fairy Tale

girl-157533_640 (1)In the Realm of Reality, Babe and Hunk, each dreamed of finding that perfect someone to marry and live happily ever after.  They both had their share of relationships that they ended because they were unwilling to settle for someone who was less than perfect.  When they met passion engulfed them and they were blinded by love and they married in less than a year and moved away from the Realm of Reality. Of course, they knew their own faults and frailties, but could see none in the other.  Blissfully unaware of the imperfections of the other, Babe and Hunk lived happily ever after in the Land of Lala.

                                                     This post is in response to the prompt at
                                                                            In Other Words
                                  “All have their frailties and whoever looks for a friend
                                    without imperfections will never find what he seeks.”
                                                                            Cyrus the Great

and the prompt for
Five Sentence Fiction

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Pet the cat to see the words of others.

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Click on the badge to see what others have written

Image: pixabay

A twofer today…

52 Weeks of Gratitude.

I missed posting last week.
I planned to have a post for it, but it just didn’t happen
so I will have a twofer today.

The prompts are

# 11 Someone who inspires you
#12 Your favorite personality trait

woman-558378_640There are so any people who inspire me.
There are those who are no longer living,
but I am focusing on those who are in my life today.
I have friends who inspire me every day.
They are kind and generous, have wonderful humor,
are smart, humble, strong, and helpful.
They encourage me, laugh and cry with me,
tell me the truth be it good bad or ugly, and
most cherished by me, they pray for me.
They inspire me to be a better person because
they believe I am better than I am.
I want to be the kind of person they think I am.
I love them dearly.
I am thankful they are in my life.

The traits listed above are ones I appreciate in others
and hope I have at least a smattering of all of them.screamingkitty
The trait I have that is my favorite is
my sense of humor.
I laugh easily and people around me
seem to laugh.
Well, most but not all. I guess some folks just don’t get me.
I am grateful that I do have
a good sense of humor.
It has gotten me through some rough times
and makes the good times even better.

So, there it is my grateful twofer.

Image on left:pixabay
mage on right: flickr

strange stuff mama does…

uphigh2hi my peoples!

i am spying on mama.  she does strange things in the little room where her litter box is.  besides using the box, i mean that’s not strange.  she brushes her hair and that’s not strange either. everybody needs a good brush now and then.  she does it every day which is a bit obsessive but better that than not often enough or not at all.

the strange part is that she washes her face. that isn’t odd all faces should be washed often, but what is strange is she puts stuff on her clean face. why put stuff on a perfectly clean face? it’s beyond me. it does smell good though. i am not going to tell you about the bigger little room where she sits in hot water it’s just too weird.  the other odd thing is she puts a brush in her mouth and instead of having a good chew she adds goo and brushes her teeth!  i don’t think the goo even tastes good because she spits it out.

i’m not going to go into all the dressing and undressing and dressing again that goes on.  why people just don’t have fur coats is really odd. inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming if you ask me.

do all peoples do this stuff?  i know none of you come with fur coats and do the dressing thing but the other stuff?  and you think cats are odd.


ps, you can see really cute cat stuff at feline friday just click here

Breaking rules…

Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special
prompt this week

Breaking The Rules


This is my Christmas cactus breaking the rules blooming in the Spring.
I am all for any bit of rebellion that is beautiful and brings a smile.
It is not a total rebel though, it only has one flower;
a big beautiful flower that makes me smile.

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Click on the sphere to see more pictures.