Thursday’s Special: imperfection…

This week the prompt for Lost in Translation’s
Thursday’s Special is



This is a picture of my Christmas Cactus.
Last year it was nearly perfect,
but this year it met with some playful cats
and lost a few leafy branches.
Because it was in danger of losing its life
I had to move it from its preferred spot
to the top of the armoire.
It doesn’t get as much sun there so not all the
leaves have flowers this year.
I think with imperfections it is still beautiful.


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The Wish Candle…

Two Shoes Tuesday’s prompt this week is



My mother had several traditions that were important to her.
One of them was the Christmas Wish Candle and Book.

It was a red pillar candle  brought out on Thanksgiving Day
and stayed on a table in the living room until New Years Day.

Everyone who came to the house during that time was invited to
light the candle, make a wish, blow the candle out, and sign the book.
And I mean everyone.
Friends, family, milkman, mailman, repairmen, and delivery people…
Some years there were pages of names and some years only a few.

I don’t know what happened to the Wish Candle and Book.
If I had a Wish Candle I would wish to have Ma’s Wish Book.

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The Trust…

Five Sentence Fiction
prompt this week is



When he got to the early morning meeting all the officers were already seated at the large conference table waiting for him, the favorite son. In spite of the solemn expressions and the obvious discomfort of those attending, he felt in control, confident, sure of his place at the table. The meeting was immediately brought to order by the Chairman of the board, with little discussion and no time wasted it, the meeting was over.   The trust was gone, he was broke, he was wasn’t the favorite son anymore.  He left the conference room a different man, still confident, but no longer in control, and feeling free for the first time in his life.


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I shopped at the Amazon store…

Today is Two Shoes Tuesday
and the prompt is
sacred and/or store.

I have shopped at the Amazon store


Josie had a drawing to celebrate her
Two  Shoes Tuesday 100th post.

And I won!
$100.00 Amazon Gift Card.
So cyber shopping I went.

I have two new things:

A Charging Station for my tablet and phone.


It is great because it eliminates the need for extension cords
to accommodate all the wires needed to charge stuff.
As you can see it has places for three plugs
and what you can’t see is the place for three for USB cords.


My tablet is my alarm clock.
While I sleep it charges, :)
and wakes me up in the morning. :(

Then I got a super-duper Blu-Ray DVD player.
It plays all kinds of discs and has wi-fi.

With the wi-fi I can stream Netflix, Hulu, Pandora,
and other stuff I don’t know about yet.
I can also download stuff from my computer to a jump drive thingie
and  then plug the thingie into the DVD player and
I can see it on my computer.

As you can see the player is not hooked up.

The charger was simple…plug it in and done.

The DVD player has 17 pages of set up instructions.
I think I will need some time and patience when I tackle this project.
Maybe a bottle of wine.
Of course, the reviews on Amazon say it is easy to do.
But then the folks who posted those reviews
are the ones that survived the process to write about it.

I will let you know how it goes.

Thank you, Josie!

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I read 5 books last month…

It’s December 1 and the first Monday of the month.
That means this post is a list of the books I read in November.
There were five.


This is the seventh in a series about detective Carol Jordan and Tony Hill.  I have not read the other six and I think  if I had I would have not been so frustrated with this one.  I liked it…it’s a good story.  A serial killer is doing his thing and taunting Jordan and Hill.  They had put him in prison for life but somehow he has escaped maximum security. That part of the story is pretty straight forward mystery.  But there is a Carol and Tony back story that kept being alluded to that made me want to know more and how it was shaping this story.  It was a good book and I liked it but that one thing bugged me.

let's just say

This was a fun fast read.  Diane Keaton, in all her eccentricities, seems like a normal person.  Someone it would be nice to know.  Lunch could turn into an adventure.  She talks about her kids like any mother does.  She tells funny stories about herself and acknowledges that she was never one to follow the crowd.  The bits about aging were so funny to me.  I guess because I could relate…even if I am not exactly eccentric…just a bit ditsy in my thinking.  It’s an easy afternoon read and women of a certain age will recognize themselves in the pages.


I have read a book or two by David Rosenfelt and really like his style.  There is lots of humor and realness to his characters.  Andy Carpenter is a lawyer that is unspeakably rich due to an early case and now he doesn’t have to work and doesn’t want to but gets pulled into legal battles because he likes people…for the most part…there are some he likes not much.  This time a good friend of his, police detective Pete Stanton, calls him for help.  Pete is being framed for the murder of an ex-con that Pete has mentored.  The murdered man has a young son and Pete asks Andy to take him in so he won’t go into the child welfare system.  Then Andy becomes Pete’s defense lawyer and surrogate dad to the boy.  The writing is quick-witted and sentimental.  I really liked the book.


I have read several Iris Johansen books and they are always good.  This one she wrote with her son, Roy, and is no exception.  Kendra Michaels was blind until a radical new surgery gave her sight.  Now she is a music therapist and is sometimes called on by the FBI and CIA to help solve the unsolvable.  This is because she has extraordinary power of observation with the ability to see what other people don’t.  Not in a mystical sense but more of an awareness of the ordinary misplaced.  She is called into a case that has a serial killer recreating murders that she solved in the past.  He is doing in a series of steps that will lead to his ultimate victim…her.  I really liked this book.  I could not put it down and the killer was a shock.  I had no clue…I thought I knew but I was so wrong.


Anne Rivers Siddons is a favorite author of mine.  She doesn’t write big splashy exciting novels.  Her books are about people you could know and love.  They are real and honest.  In this book the girls of August were four friends from the days when their husbands were in medical school.  Every August they went somewhere for a week of just the girls kind of stuff.  A few years ago one of them died and the weeks at the beach stopped.  But then the husband of the dead friend remarried and it is decided there will be another week for the girls of August…three of the original four and one newbie.  Each of them comes to the beach house with changes happening in their lives that the others don’t know about.  There is laughter and tempers flare, feelings are hurt and tears are shed.  As with all Siddons book there is a happy if somewhat bittersweet ending.  Worth reading.

So that’s it.

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Click here and see what others are reading.

Thursday’s Special, watching the swarm…

Today, Lost In Translation Thursday’s Special prompt is


Here is a picture of the boys watching a swarm of pigeons.


Well, maybe it wasn’t a swarm.
But there were more than two.

Jack and Teddy do like to watch the birds.
Although, they are a bit intimidated when a hawk
perches on the balcony railing.
Even the small red-tail hawks are bigger than they are.


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Time and thanks…

Hilary at Feeling Beachie and Obi at Eloquent Rambles
have four statements to complete.

Here I go

  1. I just can’t seem to get everything done and it is driving me crazy.
  2. This time of year is beautiful.
  3. If I could I would go back in time, stay in school, and become a radiologist.
  4. Reading makes me lose track of time.

My fill in’s seem to be all about


To day I celebrate the small things that are big things to me.

I don’t drive so I rely on friends to take me to work and home again
and everyday someone is always willing to take the time to do this for me.
I have the best friends!

The days are shorter and getting cooler.
The trees are changing color and leaves are falling.
Everything is so beautiful.

I love reading and can’t imagine what it would be like if I couldn’t.
I am thankful for the teachers who taught me to love books
even though I didn’t like school.


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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.

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