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For 17 years, I lived in my parents house.  I had my own bedroom.  Then I moved out and rented apartments.  The first few years I had roommates but after a while I lived by myself in places other people owned.  Then I bought a condo.  Not a big fancy place but a nice little nest.  The bank and I had an agreement. I gave them money and they let me live in “our” condo.  It was fine. I was happy.  Now the agreement with the bank has been satisfied.  I no longer send them money and they no longer have any part of “our” condo. This is wonderful.  I am more than happy.  I cried tears of joy.  I am so thankful.

I own my own home!

This really is Patricia’s Place.

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Faithful abandon…

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“Faith is taking the first step even when
you don’t see the whole staircase.”
Martin Luther King, Jr

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She laughedgirl-570832_640 when they told her how shocked they were at what she was about to do.  Yes, she had worked long and hard  achieving a status with the company few of them  would ever attain.  And yes, she was walking away from everything and everyone. Leaving it all  behind to take the first step to living her dream, the dream she had been  dreaming for  as long as she could remember.  Besides, she wasn’t really abandoning  everything…she was definitely keeping her faith.

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Gramma’s faith…

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A Family Member

My grandfather, Pa, died when I was about two.  Gramma and my aunt lived together.  My aunt worked and had friends she spent time with leaving Gramma alone a lot of the time so I often stayed with her.

My favorite memory of her is when one night as she was tucking me into bed I told her the quilt was too heavy. That is when she told me about the Angels. She said it wasn’t the quilt that seemed heavy it was my Guardian Angel sitting there getting comfortable for the night.  I had never heard of Guardian Angels!  Gramma said everybody gets one when they are born and while we live they never leave us.  She said that even when we are hurt or something bad happens they are with us so all will be well with our soul.  And when we die they go with us on that last journey and make sure we know our way around heaven. Then they are reassigned and go on to meet their new baby.  How awesome!


From then on I believed without a doubt that I have a Guardian Angel.  I am sure there have been times I have given my Angel reason to ask for another assignment.   I am just as sure there has never been a time my Angel has left me unattended and alone.  I cannot imagine life without this blessing.  I will always be grateful for Gramma telling me about Guardian Angels.

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good boy…

mama is getting ready for bed, a concept i don’t understand but something she does every night.  since she left the puter on i thought it would be a good time for me to say meow to my peoples.  and i have a picture for you  it’s from christmas time.


see me up there?

i was up there for a long time before mama saw me. i sat up there so still like i was one of the wood cats. she was surprised when she saw me and she laughed. i am a good boy when i get up on the armoire so mama lets me sit up there. i did pull off the flowers of the christmas cactus and that was not a good boy thing to do.  how was i to know they are just for show not to play with?

you know what the best part of being on the armoire is?  jack is afraid to jump up here.  he hates when i look down at him.  he meows so pitifully.  it’s really fun.