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We Were Blue…

Three Line Tales Week 26

photo by Maher El Aridi


This is fun and so exciting  being together in our native blue camp lodges while we wait for the others to finally join us. I can’t help wondering if after all this time they will know us now that we have completed our metamorphosis and become like everyone else here and no longer look like foreigners. Wasn’t it funny when we first got here and the native peoples were surprised that we were blue because they thought all people from other worlds were green?

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12 thoughts on “We Were Blue…

  1. Delightfully clever! Yes indeed, we’ve all decided (or been indoctrinated) into what to expect in the way of visitors from FAR, far away, so I think I would indeed be amazed and quite pleased if they turned out to be blue! So many of the things we believe need a little shaking up! 😉

    1. I wonder if they would be accepted or would there be marches and protests? There are many who don’t like their little world to be invaded by anyone different.

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