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Cherry trees…

Three Line Tales-Week 27

photo by Inma Ibáñeztltweek27
Lessons From The Cherry Trees

When she was a child she loved the blossoms on the cherry trees in the orchard and hated to see them fall to the ground. When she was a bit older she loved to see the fruit because it meant sweet treats would come from the labor of picking the ripe red cherries and hated to see the season over so quickly. Now she was old and loved the cherry trees in all their glory from blossoms to fruit to barrenness knowing that after death there is rebirth and life renewed.

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2 thoughts on “Cherry trees…

  1. You’ve got to love those cherry trees. I recall something from my youth. I’m not sure where it originated, but it’s about life, death, the new life in a way. A person cuts a small branch from a cherry tree in the fall, brings it into the house for the winter and places it in some water, like in a flowerpot, the cherry blossoms will come out on Easter Sunday.

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