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September balcony…

The Changing Seasons

This is a September afternoon sky seen from my door.


And these are part of the garden on my balcony

Soon it will be time for fall and winter plants.

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10 thoughts on “September balcony…

  1. I would like to trade my view for yours! I miss seeing so many beautiful trees! I welcome the cooler weather too. Yesterday was the first day that truly felt like fall, in the 60’s and today is too. We will still have some hot ones, so I am enjoying this while it lasts! I love that you have your balcony full of lovely flowers. I used to do more of that, but now my allergies make it not so much fun!

    1. One of the best things about living here is the view! No 60* here, yet. When the Fair comes to town it will cool off, always does. I like seeing the colors and greenery on my balcony. Soon I will get some pansies and grasses for the winter. I think there will be winter 🙂

    1. It changes everyday sometimes by the minute. I enjoy its splendor. Almost time to get the fall stuff planted. Just needs to get a bit cooler.

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